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Celeste and Jesse Forever – Trailer #1

Check out the first official trailer for Celeste and Jesse Forever, which opens in select theaters August 3rd! Captures of Emma’s short appearance in the trailer have been added to the gallery!

YES I did get to meet Emma last night!! I will tell my story sometime tomorrow once I get my photos developed!

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Posted on: June 22, 2012
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4 Responses

WeloveEmmaRob Says:

Wow!!! My congratulations! That s really amazing! You deserve that, the best site ever!!!! Can’t wait to see photos!!

Sarah Says:

Congratulations on getting to meet Emma! Very exciting! So excited to see the photos!
Still IN LOVE with the site!

emfantr Says:

Congratulations Kayla!You meet to Emma.This is awesome!I can’t wait to see photos!! This site is best!!

z0 Says:

About time, Kayla. Can I be next? (To meet her, that is, not you.) (Not that I wouldn’t want to meet you…well, you know what I mean.)

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