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Missing Candids + Instagram Update

Since there isn’t nothing new at the moment, I went back and added some candids that didn’t have in 2011 plus a set from 2012. Check out new official and random Twitter/Instagram photos, including a new Tyler Shields’ image as her profile photo!

Candids >> 2012 >> out and about in Los Angeles (4/12)
Candids >> 2011 >> grocery shopping/gas station (10/25)
Candids >> 2011 >> going to a STK in West Hollywood (9/30)
Candids >> 2011 >> shopping at Crate and Barrel at The Grove in Hollywood (1/25)
Misc. >> Official Twitter/Instagram Photos
Misc. >> Random Twitter/Instagram Photos

Posted on: June 26, 2012
Filed Under: candids and photos

3 Responses

Olya Says:

Like her photos with Grace 😉 Oh yup, Kayla, hope you still wanna tell how you met Emma! *Thrilling*

Kathy Says:

Yeah… I’m still waiting for your story about meeting Emma 2 🙁 Updating website every hour, haha.

Kayla (Admin) Says:

Its coming folks, I went to walmart with the camera should have went to a walgreens but they just picked up my camera yesterday(6/27) to develop so now it will be 5-7 days….

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