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Getting Breakfast at Oaks Gourmet – August 28th

Emma Roberts goes to the Oaks Gourmet for breakfast with holding Tom Robbin’s Book “Even cowgirls get the blues”. She also visited the Ole Henriksen Day Spa in Hollywood. Check out the candids below!

Candids >> 2012 >> Gets breakfast at Oaks Gourmet + Ole Henriksen Day Spa (8/28)

Posted on: August 28, 2012
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4 Responses

z0 Says:

First she drops her drink and now a few days later she goes out with a twisted bra strap. Do you think she has lost the plot? (TIC)

Kelly Says:

^What does that even mean? makes no sense anyway…

z0 Says:

The point is, Kelly, that she is just perfect. hence the “TongueInCheek”.

Kelly Says:

^sorry hard to read that in type form 🙂

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