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Emma Talks Nanette Lepore Sunglasses & Style

It seems like every day there’s a new designer x celebrity collaboration, but less ubiquitous are the moments when a star takes the backseat and serves as the creative inspiration and, in return, the promotional vehicle for a line or an individual piece. Such is the case with Emma Roberts and the limited edition sunglasses Nanette Lepore designed for her. Last night was the official launch of the Emma-inspired shades, and Roberts, Lepore, and Vogue Eyewear celebrated in style with an intimate party on the VIP floor of the 5th Avenue Sunglasses Hut. (Yes, that’s a thing that exists, and we have the pictures to prove it.) We caught up with Emma herself to get her reaction to the finished product and serving as Nanette’s design inspiration.

MTV STYLE: What exactly does it mean to be Nanette Lepore’s sunglasses muse? Were you involved in the design process at all?

EMMA ROBERTS: It was awesome to be the muse because I didn’t have to do anything, and I got a really great pair of sunglasses out of it! Nanette Lepore designed them for me, and she did such a good job because, literally, I’ve wanted a pair of glasses that look like this forever. They’re, like, glamorous but a little ’90s. And I love the cat eye — that’s all I wear. I love these, and I can’t wait to wear them.

What an honor! Did you already have a relationship with Nanette before these namesake shades?

Well, I wear her clothes, and I’m a huge fan. I think she does such a great job of doing clothes for young people and older people. I love the way she uses color and prints, and I think she really knows how to capture femininity. I’ve just always been a fan, so I was really excited to get to meet her and see the sunglasses she designed.

Well, even though you didn’t have a hand in the design process, you’re still a huge part of the campaign. What was preparing all of that like?

I am the muse, so that’s true! We did a little video, some interviews, took some pictures. It was so funny because they showed me the prototype [of the sunglasses] when we were doing the video, and I was like, “Oh, these are great!” and I wanted to take them, and they had to tell me “Emma, you can’t have those. You have to wait until we make them,” and I was like, “What?! I thought the whole point was that I get to have these.” So I’ve had to wait. This is my first day having them, so I get to wear them tomorrow.

Oh, wow, it really is a big day for those bad boys. Do you already have a debut outfit picked out for them?

I don’t know yet. They’re such statement glasses that I feel like you can dress them up or dress them down. You can wear them with jeans and a white t-shirt or you can wear them with a dress. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow!


Emma Roberts worked a sleek Nanette Lepore suit to celebrate the launch of the designer’s CFDA Design Series sunglasses collaboration with Vogue Eyewear in New York last night. (Roberts inspired the limited-edition sunnies, which are available for $130 at So who inspired the boy-meets-girl ensemble? ”Diane Keaton,” Roberts told at the Sunglass Hut-hosted event. ”She’s stunning at any age, at every age.“ Along with Annie Hall, the young actress is a fan of Something’s Gotta Give. ”My mom and I have watched that one literally at least a hundred times.” And it’s Keaton’s turtleneck in 2003 flick that’s the jumping-off point for Roberts’s cold-weather wardrobe. “I think there’s something so sexy about a turtleneck with a miniskirt,” she said. “That’s going to be my thing this winter.” We have a feeling that Diane Keaton would approve!


Posted on: October 19, 2012
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