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Emma Goes Dark for her Next Role

Emma uploaded an Instagram just recently with the caption below…

Dark hair is happening again for my next movie! @spagettyos @mastergia #paloaltostories

Exciting news! Stay tune to the site when more is released about the new movie project!

EDIT: Added candids of Emma leaving Benjamin Salon in Los Angeles today(November 6th). Check out the photos below!

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Candids >> 2012 >> leaving Benjamin Salon in LA (11/6)

Posted on: November 6, 2012
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3 Responses

Katie Says:

Judging from the hashtag, a film adaptation of the book Palo Alto by James Franco. Interesting.

Emma Roberts Turkey Says:

Hm..I can’t wait her next movie.But,interesting. 🙂

Lisa Says:

Emma looks so much bettter with dark colour hair

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