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Shopping in West Hollywood + Getting Coffee + Instagram

Emma was spotted shopping in West Hollywood yesterday (November 8th). Check out the candids below!

EDIT: Added more candids from yesterday’s sighting. Emma was spotted getting coffee today (November 9th) in LA, check out the photos below. Emma also shared an Instagram of her on the set of her new film, Palo Alto Stories!

Candids >> 2012 >> Shopping in West Hollywood (11/8)
Candids >> 2012 >> Getting coffee in LA (11/9)
Misc. >> Official Twitter/Instagram Photos

Posted on: November 9, 2012
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2 Responses

Emma Roberts Turkey Says:

WOW. :O Emma is better with brunette hair.I Hope,Emma’s new movie will best.

games Says:

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about candids.

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