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Instagram: Merry (almost) Christmas From Emma & Sister


Emma shared a cute photo of her sister and her hanging out with a Merry (almost) Christmas message! She also shared a cute photo of her adorable dog, Twiggy!

Note: I’ll give my Merry Christmas message to the site visitors today since not sure I’ll make a post tomorrow! Hope you all have a great Christmas Eve and day!

EDIT (12/26): Added more Instagrams an additions of Emma at LAX on the 22nd plus she was spotted at Joan’s on Third before her flight…

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Candids >> 2012 >> Departs LAX + Joan’s on Third (12/22)

Posted on: December 24, 2012
Filed Under: candids, photos and social media

3 Responses

z0 Says:

I’ve got it! Grace has just given her a wedgie.

monica Says:

Emma Roberts ranked 53th on The 100 Most Beautiful faces

z0 Says:

I think they mean 53rd. How do you even say “fiftythreeth”? Oh, like that. Presumably, alll those who voted for people above her in the list have never seen her.

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