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Spotted in NY with Evan Peters – Jan. 6th – 7th

Emma was spotted out in New York with Evan Peters and friends on Sunday (January 6th). Then Emma and Evan were spotted shopping in SoHo, NY today (January 7th). Check out the first candids of 2013 below!

Candids >> 2013 >> shopping in SoHo, NY with Evan (1/7)
Candids >> 2013 >> out in NY with Evan & friends (1/6)

Posted on: January 7, 2013
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2 Responses

z0 Says:

I can do that. Give us a job, Emma. And I’m lower maintenance than Evan.

grosse bite xxl Says:

Encorе un splendide ƿoste : j’en parlerai ce soir ɑvеc ϲегtаіns ɗе
mеѕ amіs

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