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Intermix 20th Anniversary Celebration – May 21st

Emma Roberts attends the Intermix 20th Anniversary Celebration at The New Museum on May 21, 2013 in New York City. Check out some MQs and HQs below! Also check the update below for more candids added to Emma and Evans outing in New York yesterday. Click “Read the Rest of this Entry” below to read Emma talk about her failed college experience and loosing virginity during the Glamour ‘These Girls’ event on May 20th…

EDIT: Emma was snapped getting a morning coffee today (May 22nd) with Evan Peters. Check out the candids below!

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“These girls deserve my all-time favorite word, which is fan-f**king-tastic,” said activist Gloria Steinem, introducing the actresses who would be performing at Glamour magazine’s second-ever “These Girls” event, a night of monologues about being a young woman held at Joe’s Pub on May 20th. “I have one big regret [about my time as a Glamour contributing editor],” she later said. “We were too well-behaved.” Luckily, the young women of Generation Y don’t seem to have that problem.

The show, benefiting the Urban Arts Partnership and directed by actress Kathy Najimy, featured monologues from actresses Emma Roberts, Dianna Agron, Lucy Punch and Zosia Mamet, comedian Amy Schumer and TV personality Alexa Chung, as well as a faux Hannah Horvath interlude from comedian Chelsea Davison. These women shared their stories of love, sex, heartbreak and the awkwardness that accompanies growing up with an intimate audience of about 180 people, which included Amy Poehler (who later sang “Girl On Fire” and “Rolling In The Deep”) and Meg Ryan.

Emma Roberts discussed her attempt to leave Hollywood and be a normal college kid. “I was so busy pretending to experience everything [on-screen], I forgot to experience real life,” she said. Her first kiss was on TV, as was her prom, and losing her virginity was “insinuated on camera twice, before quickly happening in real life” in her friend’s guest house. But after arriving at Sarah Lawrence to a vegan roommate who did not appreciate her late-night cheeseburger eating, college men who largely ignored her and being the subject of a very unflattering campus blog post, she decided to leave. “I wasn’t getting what I wanted … on my quest for real-life experience,” she said. “But I do have high hopes. When I’m 30, playing 21, maybe I’ll have the graduation I always dreamed of.”


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