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Happy New Year!


Just wanted to wish all visitors a Happy New Year Eve! Only a few hours to go before it’s 2014! 2013 has been a good year for Emma projects, hope that 2014 is even better!

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Posted on: December 31, 2013
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4 Responses

sara Says:

happy new year to u too #Love your website 🙂

sara Says:

there is a photo of Emma and Evan with santa why didnt u post it here ? i got it from a fan of emma on tumblr i dont mean to tell u what to do but i just dont like to take Emma is new pics from others i like to take from here and save it i have sooooooo many pics of Emma

Kayla Says:

Sara because if I don’t find where it originally came from then I don’t post it… If find that out then will upload it to the gallery

sara Says:

oh okay 🙂

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