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Delirium – Pilot Clips

Below are clips from the Delirium pilot Emma shot a while back that wasn’t picked up! Wish it was because from the clips it looks like a cool concept, but then she would have not done AHS if it did so everything works out for the best…

EDIT: Emma was spotted having dinner with friends at Gracias Madre restaurant in West Hollywood last night (February 3rd). Check out the candids below!

JeanineMason_DELIRIUM_Scenes from ABA TALENT AGENCY on Vimeo.

Candids >> 2014 >> Gracias Madre restaurant in West Hollywood (2/3)

Posted on: February 4, 2014
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3 Responses

Ann Says:

Thanks for posting this! 🙂

emily Says:

Is there a YouTube link? I’m not able to watch it on my tablet 🙁

Ella Says:

Here’s some hope for Delirium,thanks Kayla for posting this! 🙂

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