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New Yorkers For Children’s Event – Apr. 21st

Emma Roberts attends the New Yorkers For Children’s 11th Anniversary A Fool’s Fete Spring Dance at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on April 21, 2014 in New York City. Check out MQ and HQs below!

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MQ >> Appearance&Events >> 2014 >> New Yorkers For Children’s 11th Anniversary (4/21)
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stylephotosnewsimgWhen I arrive at the Mercer Hotel where Emma Roberts is primping for the New Yorkers for Children Fool’s Fête, the actress is curled up in white sweatpants and a black crop top she picked up moments ago from nearby Topshop. “In twenty years [kids] are going to look back at pictures and say, ‘Can you believe they walked around wearing a crop top, that’s so embarrassing,’” quips Roberts. “It’s going to be the demise of our generation.” Her secret to getting those crop-top-worthy abs, however, is anything but gimmicky: “I worked out. A lot. I realized the only way to get abs is sit-ups—you can go around it as much as you want, but if you want abs, you have to do the sit-ups. I started working out with Andrea Orbeck—she [trains] some of the Victoria’s Secret girls, so I was like, ‘Done. Help me!’” In addition to crunches, the actress also heads to yoga “realistically once a week.” She adds, “It’s more about feeling good. I’m never going to be ripped every day of my life.”

Flat tummy aside, she’s not against indulging in carbs (her pre-red-carpet ritual normally includes iced coffee, French fries, and a dessert), an action that caused her to recently get pulled over. “I was eating a mini bagel, actually, and I was driving to work. There was a cop on a motorcycle, and I smiled at him because I always smile at cops. Then he pulled me over and he said, ‘You just made eye contact with me. You know you were doing something wrong.’ I was like, ‘What do you mean?’ He said, ‘I saw you talking on your phone.’ I said, ‘No, I was eating a bagel,’ and the bagel was in my lap.” (For the record, the ticket stated that Roberts was talking on a black iPhone, when her mobile is very much hot pink.) To make matters worse, Roberts had forgotten her license at home, which had flooded the day before—a minor mishap that earned her a second ticket. “I was so upset—I felt so ripped off. He had no mercy,” she says.

Despite her recent write-up over breakfast, the preparations for the night’s gala go off without a hitch. Hair pro Ryan Trygstad adds a few “Chloé-inspired” waves to Roberts’ bob and finishes with Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. Makeup artist Nick Barose creates flushed cheeks via a dusting of pink blush and a rosy lip with Neutrogena MoistureSmooth Color Stick in Bright Berry, which he makes more stain-like by tapping it onto Roberts’ mouth. “I wanted to do something girly, flirty, easy, and not too overdone,” the actress explains. In lieu of a long gown, a ruffled Chloé shift from the Summer 2014 collection and heeled booties fit the bill. Roberts says she specifically requested closed-toe shoes to hide her “Coachella feet.” (She doesn’t have many “hang-ups,” she admits, but feet are one of them.) The finishing touch: a generous misting of Roses de Chloé, which she applies to her neck first, then spreads by rubbing her wrists over top. “When I travel a lot, everything gets kind of gross, so I’m always spraying perfume in the suitcase and then shutting it,” she adds. “It starts to wear off [your clothes] and smells like your natural self.”

In less than an hour, her transformation is complete and we have covered a myriad of topics, ranging from how Coachella has evolved (“The first year I went, five or six years ago, and it was much more grunge, every man for himself,” she said. “And now it’s like, ‘Come over to the Patrone tent.’”) to SnapChat, her recent addiction (“It’s so funny—if you have funny friends. If your friends are lame, then it’s boring.”). Roberts’ “hot date” for the soiree is not her fiancé, Evan Peters (though he supervises the getting-ready process), but a close girlfriend. “I’ve gone to some things alone and it’s always the awkward standing in the corner, like sipping your champagne, pretending, ‘I totally know everyone here.’ Instagram!” While I’ve pulled that very same trick a time or twenty, somehow I can’t imagine the bubbly, caffeine-fueled Roberts ever being a wallflower.


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