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Emma attended Fendi and Elle Toast Coveteur Feature on Elizabeth Stewart on May 1st in LA. Emma was spotted running errands on April 30th and then grocery shopping at Bristol Farms on May 1st. Added new Instagrams! Check out photos below! Click on “read rest of this entry” for Emma’s hair dresser for the Fendi event talking about her hairstyle…

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For all of you out there with short hair who have ruled out the possibility of fun updos, Emma Roberts’s latest look is here to prove you wrong. The actress attended Fendi and Elle‘s party Thursday night in L.A. wearing a a swept-up twisted style that’s perfect for the season. So naturally we went right to the source to get more info — her hairstylist Riawna Capri.

“I love working with Emma, because she let’s me do my thing, play and create,” Capri, who owns West Hollywood’s Nine Zero Salon tells PEOPLE. “Also she’s not afraid to try something new. And since she has short hair like me, I just do what I would want on my hair, which makes us both happy.”

Capri has been working with Roberts for two years, during which time the star has experimented with everything from brown hair to long extensions to the short, blonde style she has now. “She’s a chameleon and can pull off any look,” Capri adds. “She loves coming into the salon and loves her braids.”

Surprisingly, the look, which Capri and Roberts dubbed the “Twisted Texture,” didn’t have require much thought. “It was just a free form creation. That’s the beauty of it. After looking at the dress and the shoes I knew I wanted her hair up. So, I started playing — twisting and pinning, creating as I go, with no plan in mind. It’s like art, painting a picture until your you feel happy and satisfied.”

In total, the hairdo took just 15 to 20 minutes to complete and featured close to 40 bobby pins (though the only product needed was some hairspray to lock everything in place).

“Another reason why this looks extra-awesome is the fact that there is dimension in her hair color,” Capri shares. “Having depth at the root with highlights cascading around makes this updo and any updo appear to have more texture.”

For her part, Roberts was thrilled with the result. “She was shocked that I was able to put her hair up because it’s so short. She said, wow, how did you do that so fast?” She seriously loved it,” Capri tells PEOPLE. The evidence? Robert’s below Instagram photo, captioned “@riawnacapri killed it tonight putting my short hair up like this!! #magic.”


Posted on: May 3, 2014
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