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Here is the new theme! If can not see for some reason try to refresh! Tell me your thoughts in the comment section! I have been working on a new concept for over a month now and I wanted something to bring out all the new projects involving Emma! Regarding candid photos, I won’t be adding them to the main site so if would want to know when they are added then follow on Twitter! It’s just coming to the point where delivering the actual news and events on Emma’s career is more important! Hopefully that’s an agreed on opinion! Eventually may do away with candids altogether, just letting you in on my thoughts at this moment…

Hopefully you were able to get Adult World on Bluray/DVD today! I got mine and will add captures soon!

Posted on: June 10, 2014
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3 Responses

Erin Says:

Candids are the reason I love this site 🙁

Ann Says:

^I agree. I understand it may be too time consuming, but that’s one of the main reasons I frequently visit this site. 🙁 I hope you reconsider that option.

Kayla Says:

Candids are still in the photo gallery just not making updates on the main site…

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