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Sorry for the delay but all new additions below!

Emma attended two events yesterday (October 24) in New York, first EW Fest and then Teen Vogue with Aerie celebrate her November cover issue. Updated Instagram additions! Many more to be added later!

I have added captures from Scream Queens episode entitled Seven Minutes in Hell that aired this past Tuesday (October 20). I have added stills and video preview for new episode coming up, which will be on hiatus til after World Series is over, entitled Beware of Young Girls. Emma was spotted departing LAX on October 20, check out the candids below. I have added more shots from the Teen Vogue cover shoot!

Next On: Beware of Young Girls

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HQ >> Appearances&Events >> 2015 >> Entertainment Weekly Fest (10/24)
Candids >> 2015 >> seen at LAX airport (10/20)
Photoshoots >> 2015 >> Matteo Montanari / Bryan Tarnowski
TV Series >> Scream Queens >> Season 1 >> 01.07 – Beware Young Girls – stills
TV Series >> Scream Queens >> Season 1 >> 01.06 – Seven Minutes in Hell – captures
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Posted on: October 25, 2015
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