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25th Birthday Project

Emma will be turning 25 on February 10, 2016! So I have put together this project for fans to send their birthday wishes! Please read the instructions before submitting an entry. The entries will not show up til February 9th, so please be patient to view them (you can comment below on this post asking if your message went through). You have till February 10 at 11am central time before link is sent to Emma! Looking forward to see all your creative messages! Share the link with friends who would want to contribute! Let’s make #happy25bdayemmaroberts a success!

Posted on: January 31, 2016
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6 Responses

Syahir Says:

Dear Emma,

I wish you a Happy Birthday & Happy Aquarius February~!
Kindly visit me on Instagram @syahir_southpaw ‘coz I made some drawing tributes for you 🙂

admin Says:

you need to post the message here , you can even post a drawing you made with it 🙂

Marta Says:

Thank you for giving us this oportunity

admin Says:

No problem, happy to do it 🙂

Anna Says:

Happy 25th Birthday Emma!!! Wishing you all the best, happiness, success and long life. I love you! ❤️Anna

Janaina Says:

Happy birthday ! know it’s a LITTLE late for this, but I didn’t see this side.

I just want you to keep up your awesome work.
You have to be the luckiest girl in this world. If I could turn back time,
I would do all to move to America and be an actress, like you!
Every time I see you on screen, It is my biggest wish to see you and have the chance to talk with you. But that’s life. You don’t get always what you want.
It make sad, knowing that such a great woman like you is out there and I’ll never see you in person.
Oh my … I wish you all the best, with or without Evan. You are AMAZING!!! Kisses
from Germany and Braszil. Love ya!

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