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Coach Fashion Show – Feb. 16th

Emma Roberts attends the Coach Fall 2016 Runway Show on February 16, 2016 in New York City. I have added some MQ and HQs below! Check back later for new additions! Also updated instagram photos! Check out an interview Emma did with Teen Vogue at the fashion show…

It’s pretty clear Emma Roberts genuinely loves fashion — not just because she’s become a front row fixture, but because she notices all the ways people style themselves.

Before I can even ask her my first question at the Coach Fall 2016 show, she compliments the way I’ve tied my silk scarf — folded into a triangle with the tip tucked into the front of my sweater — and says she’s noticed that seems to be the newest way everyone is wearing theirs. (She’s right — it’s a style trick Coach perfected in its Fall 2015 collection!)

It’s picking up on those styling tricks that, like the rest of us, help Emma hone her own personal style. But she’s also picking up a few tricks from Chanel Oberlin’s pastel, feathery closet — and if she has it her way, she’ll be snapping up more than just new ideas once season two wraps.

Ahead, the Teen Vogue covergirl shares her take on personal style and why she’s excited to bring Chanel back for the new season of Scream Queens.

Teen Vogue: How is fashion week going for you?

Emma Roberts: It’s going good! It’s been mellow. I’ve had a few days off to spend with my family, and then I get to come to the Coach show when I love Coach so much. I can’t wait to see what the new collection has.

TV: What do you love about coming to fashion week?

E.R.: I mean, I love fashion, I’m always coveting something, always trying to see what everybody’s wearing and what the designers are doing, so to get to actually be at a fashion show and be sitting front row, the 12 year old girl in me is freaking out — as well as the 25 year old me!

TV: Chanel has become this iconic character style-wise, but it’s so different from your own style!

E.R.: It’s so different!

TV: What’s it like getting dressed for this character?

E.R.: Playing Chanel is so fun because she’s so different than me, but people will always be chasing me down with accessories because I don’t usually wear tons of jewelry. Chanel is constantly wearing oversized pearls and lots and lots of rhinestones, so they’re always running after me trying to put more necklaces on me and more bracelets. It doesn’t even register to me to do that, because it’s so not me! They’re always like “Emma, come back, you didn’t put on enough rings!”

TV: And you’ll be bringing Chanel back! Are you excited?

E.R.: Yes! I’m very excited. I’m so excited for just a whole new wardrobe for Chanel. We had so many outfits we didn’t get to wear in season one, just because we ran out of time! So I’m really excited to build a whole new wardrobe for Chanel and this season, I feel like I need to take home more shoes of hers. I didn’t take anything home because when we wrapped I was so tired, I was just like, “Okay, bye!” Next year I think I’m going to have to take a couple of things from the closet.

TV: I love the socks with the heels style that she always does.

E.R.: I love that look, and I would never think to do that — I think I’ve actually said that I would never do that — and now I find myself buying cute little sheer polka dot socks to wear with heels, and I love it!

TV: Do you know what’s happening next season at all yet?

E.R.: I genuinely don’t! Hopefully I will have a little clarity for Paley Fest, which is in March. I’m hoping to be able to tell you guys some stuff then.


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