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I have updated Coachella events, candids and Instagrams below! Emma did an awesome portrait session at Coachella, see full photo below, hope to see more! She also did a small interview about her style for the festival, click ‘read more’ below…

Making the rounds at Coachella this year was Emma Roberts, who had her stylist Brit Smith in tow while she party-hopped, first at PopSugar and the Council of Fashion Designers of America’s brunch, then The Zoe Report’s ZOEasis garden party on Saturday afternoon, where “The Scream Queen” actress chatted with WWD about festival fashion and channeling Deborah Harry for “Billionaire Boys Club.”

WWD: You’ve been very active on social media today.

Emma Roberts: Yes, I took over Coach’s Instagram today. I’ve been taking pictures for them and I am wearing a Coach clutch with this [blue] Rachel Zoe dress, and these little velvet [wedges] by Carmelinas.

WWD: Do you feel pressure to always feed the social media beast?

E.R.: Tomorrow I am having a no-phone day at Coachella. You come here to disconnect and be free and everyone is always Instagramming — which is so fun — but tomorrow I am going to turn the phone off.

WWD: You’re here with Brit Smith, one half of your styling duo. Do you always travel with your styling team?

E.R.: We go everywhere together. We met because her and her sister [Kara], who is also my stylist — they have this amazing brand called Elkin. I happened to Instagram it and we got in touch through that and we became really close friends. Then I started working with them as stylists. It’s fun; I get to go everywhere with them as my best friends and stylists.

WWD: What are some of the perks of coming here together?

E.R.: So much laughter, and a lot of sunglasses and shoes. We brought 35 pairs of sunglasses to Coachella. It’s so nice to travel with someone who you feel so comfortable with. We are going to New York together on Tuesday for an event and then to New Orleans for fun.

WWD: Do you ever trade clothes?

E.R.: It was funny because for Coachella, [Brit] pulled all these clothes for me and I was, like, “I pulled all these bikinis I think you should wear from my closet.” So we’re constantly pulling stuff for each other. Like those are my Coach boots she’s wearing.

WWD: How would you describe your Coachella look this year?

E.R.: I wanted to do ethereal-baby-doll me at the festival and put my own spin on it because everyone’s always doing the fringe and stuff. I wanted to do something different. [It’s] effortless and minimal. We [also] have a bit of a Western thing going on. Today’s [Saturday evening’s festival outfit] is rockabilly. It’s a leather skirt with star studs, white vintage T-shirt and a little necktie. And some Converse.

WWD: What did you do Friday night? Any after parties?

E.R.: No, we were too overcome by [Friday’s headliner] LCD Soundsystem. I would say it was one of the most memorable Coachellas for sure.

WWD: What are you working on?

E.R.: I just finished a movie called “Billionaire Boys Club.” We got to do amazing Eighties fashion. Kind of like Debbie Harry, not so much shoulder pads. My character is rock ‘n’ roll-inspired, which I loved, and my hair and makeup direction was Debbie Harry. Right now I’m just hanging out and then I go back to “Scream Queens” in July.


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