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Back to Blonde – New Candids & Instagrams

Sorry late on these but I am working a new layout for the site, big changes may happen with it, hope to have it up next weekend! Emma is back in LA; she was spotted yesterday (June 10) leaving Nine Zero One salon in West hollywood with new blonde (getting ready to film ‘Scream Queens‘ next month!) and short cut. What do you think?! She was seen out and about in LA on June 8th and 9th, see photos below. Updated Instagram photos, Emma shared a throw back of her as a child with her mom, everyone says she looks like her dad/aunt but from this photo she is her mother!

Candids >> 2016 >> leaving 901 Salon in West Hollywood (6/10)
Candids >> 2016 >> out and about in West Hollywood (6/9)
Candids >> 2016 >> shopping in West Hollywood (6/8)
Misc. >> Official Social Media Photos
Misc. >> Random Social Media Photos

Posted on: June 11, 2016
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