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Miami Beach Candids + Despierta America

Emma was spotted on the beach in Miami, Florida yesterday (July 13) and today (July 14), see photos below. She made an appearance on Despierta America in Miami to promote Nerve, check out the photos below. New social media photos added. I am still collecting photos from all the appearances Emma has made this week (Too much at once!), will make one big update at some point during the weekend.

HQ >> Appearances&Events >> 2016 >> visits Despierta America in Miami (7/14)
Candids >> 2016 >> at the beach in MIami, Florida (7/14)
Candids >> 2016 >> at the beach in MIami, Florida (7/13)
Misc. >> Random Social Media Photos
Misc. >> Official Social Media Photos

Posted on: July 14, 2016
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