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EW – On Set Scream Queens + Social Media Photos

Entertainment Weekly did an on set shoot recently (July 28), see photos below! Updated new social media photos, most are coverage from Fox TCA event tonight. Look for professional photos from the FOX TCA event later! Check out the candids of her getting coffee in LA from August 6th if you didn’t see them yet!

After watching most of their costars (and one really sad mascot) get dispatched by the Red Devil killer (er, killers), the surviving cast members of Scream Queens are back for another season of bloody good fun in a whole new setting. Creators Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Ian Brennan ditched the college campus for a hospital, now run by the former dean of students Cathy Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis), with the Chanels (Emma Roberts, Abigail Breslin, Billie Lourd) and Zayday (Keke Palmer) all in her employ. “The whole dynamic has changed with the removal of the Kappa setting,” says Curtis. “Chanel [Roberts] doesn’t have her queen-bee stature.”

During the first few weeks on set, Curtis makes everyone wear a name tag, but a lucky few also get nicknames—last year, the actress lovingly dubbed her younger costars “the hags.” We have to ask: What’s she calling the hot doctor newbies, played by John Stamos and Taylor Lautner? “Now that we have boys, I call them ‘the hogs.'”


Posted on: August 8, 2016
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