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In a Relationship – Filming Now

Emma has been busy filming a new project entitled, In a Relationship, below are some social media photos from past days on set. There hasn’t been an official press release but I am assuming they are filming a full feature film out of a 2015 short that starred Nicholas Braun, Dakota Johnson, Sophie Simpson and Zachary Webber. This time Emma along with Michael Angarano, Patrick Gibson and Dree Hemingway will star…

Plot Summary: In a Relationship is a spirited yet achingly tender look at modern love. Shot mockumentary style, this short film follows two young couples in opposite stages of romance: Matt and Willa, who have been hooking up for six days, and Owen and Abby, who are trying in vain to breathe new life into a five year relationship that is growing stale. It’s an exploration of the grey areas of contemporary dating and how much we keep from the people we’re closest to.

Posted on: February 22, 2017
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