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Who What Wear – Spring Issue & New Candids

Emma is the cover feature on Who What Wear‘s online magazine (Spring issue), see photoshoot, article and behind the scene video below! Emma was seen with a friend out and about in West Hollywood, CA yesterday (April 9); also seen with her mom and sister. New social media photos added.

On the surface, this story starts with some King Kong–size Hollywood clichés. I’m meeting Emma Roberts in the garden of the Chateau Marmont on a sunny afternoon following her cover shoot for our Spring Issue. We’re sitting in a secluded corner, drinking Billecart-Salmon rosé champagne, and talking about fashion, parties, and hair color. (Roberts is a redhead at our meeting—a shade partially inspired by her aunt’s hair in My Best Friend’s Wedding, which is Emma’s favorite Julia Roberts movie—but will dye it dark the next day for a role). You’d be forgiven for thinking this sounds like every piece you’ve read about a young actress, but you’d be wrong.


Posted on: April 10, 2017
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Kathy Says:

Can you post the full interview, please? It doesn’t work for me on the website.

admin Says:

the text doesn’t highlight to paste to post, I have screen captured the interview, hopefully it is readable

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