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Filming Little Italy + Belletrist – Gabby Sidibe Interview

Emma was seen filming Little Italy in Toronto, Canada yesterday (June 1) then was spotted out having diner later that same day. Updated official social media photos, including one of Emma and Gabby Sidibe (American Horror Story: Coven co-star); they recently met up to discuss Gabby’s new book. Get a sneak peek of interview below, then subscribe to read the rest!

EMMA ROBERTS: I’m obsessed with your book literally. I have to say all this so I remember exactly what to say.

GABBY SIDIBE: Remember that you’re obsessed with my book.

EMMA: Yes I’ll try to remember. Literally we started Belletrist and we asked for all these books, and yours was one of our top requests. We got sent the galley and, first of all, from the cover I was already obsessed… AND the title. I didn’t know what to expect. Is it a comedy book? Is it darker? Is it short stories? Is it a memoir? What is it? I started reading it and it’s just so you and so genuine.

GABBY: You happen to know me.

EMMA: I do happen to know you and I was just blown away by how real it was but also how funny, and articulate, and honest you were…

GABBY: Thank you. I mostly wrote it for bragging rights.

EMMA: We’ve worked together obviously on Coven [American Horror Story: Coven] and I didn’t know you to be a writer. Have you always wanted to write? When did all this start happening? Have you always kept a journal?

GABBY: I’m really bad at keeping journals but I did something slightly creepier than a journal. When I was a teenager I wrote a TV show. This is so stupid but I wrote a TV show basically. It was a soap opera and here’s how it worked though. This is so annoying. I’m very embarrassed to admit this but I had seven characters, five of those characters were the members of NSYNC.


[To Emma]:

Shut up. Don’t you dare. Shut up.

EMMA: No, it’s amazing.

GABBY: Five of those characters were the members of NSYNC and the other two characters of the seven were me and my best friend. Now here’s what happened, each of these shows ran for six months. They would run … It was so creepy, oh my god. They ran between March 5th and September 3rd, and then September 4th was a day off. Then September 5th I would start an entirely different storyline with the same seven characters.

EMMA: You created American Horror Story.

GABBY: American Horror Story. I know. Exactly.

EMMA: You were a show-runner at 16.

GABBY: Correct.

That’s what I did as a teenager. I’m not going to admit how old I was when I stopped doing it but let’s just say I got too busy being an actress. I would have really bad days and I would just write myself a new day. I would write myself a better day and it made me feel … I mean that’s what I did when I couldn’t afford therapy, and not that I believed any of that stuff and I didn’t it was just for fun.

KARAH PREISS: I was always like, who’s the girl who’s going to emerge and be like “I’m a JC girl”?

GABBY: Oh my god, I’m such a JC girl, shit.

KARAH: JC was …

GABBY: He was the true lead singer of the group.

GABBY: He was so soulful.

EMMA: He was soulful.


GABBY: Yeah, the line in the sand.

EMMA: I was Backstreet Boys.

GABBY: Were you?

EMMA: I was.

GABBY: Honestly, I started writing it when I was like 16 and sometimes we were in performing arts high-schools and sometimes we were all grownups. It was always a challenge of how we were all going to meet each other. There was a season where … this is so stupid. There was a season where some of us were mythical creatures like mermaids and succubi, things like that. Also there was a season where everybody was a prostitute. Yeah, shit got weird. When I became a phone sex operator things got sexier, but when I was 16 I was writing about sex and I was fully a virgin. Like I was a smooth ass virgin trying to describe sex in a dumb way. It was stupid, and cute, and little.

EMMA: That’s amazing. Well, I love that. You’ve been a writer for a long time is basically what you’re telling me. When did you start writing this book or when did the idea of you writing a book that was kind of your story and not a soap opera start?

GABBY: Actually it has to do with Kathy Najimy and Gloria Steinem. Gloria Steinem I think it was her 80th birthday party. I’m going to feel horrible if she just turned 80.

It was, in fact, Gloria Steinem’s 80th birthday celebration and the event was The Gloria Awards in 2014. We checked.

EMMA: She [Kathy Najimy] inspired me to want to write too. Isn’t she amazing?

GABBY: Exactly. She’s so amazing. She’s so dope. I love the shit out of her. She was like, “Just write anything you want. Whatever you like. Whatever you like.” I had no idea and we set a date that was like two months out. She was like, “Write something and we’ll talk about it in two months.” The day of the date I got up at 6 in the morning and I quickly wrote this eight page story about how when I was in the fourth grade I baked cookies for my class for like Christmas, for a Christmas party. I completely neglected the fact that nobody in my class liked me, that I actually didn’t have any friends in fourth grade and truly everybody hated me. One kid took cookies, the first kid I offered; because you have to go around and give out cookies. He took it and then he saw that nobody else was taking it and he came back, caught up with me, and gave the cookie back

This is really … it’s a round-about way it’s really about confidence because I get asked about my confidence a lot in this way that’s like, “How can you be so confident?” Not “So what makes you confident?” They don’t ask men where they get their confidence, they don’t ask classically beautifully girls where they get their confidence from, they’re asking me because they don’t understand it. I really told this story about how sometimes when the entire class is against you, you just have to get up and have a good time anyway, and that that’s how I found my confidence. I delivered it in front of the party and Vulture [New York Magazine] was recording, the same way you are, and they made the story public in a way that I wasn’t intending.


GABBY: I thought it was just for the room. After that all of these publishing companies were like, “I think you have a book in you.” I didn’t think that there was but I went with my book agent, David Kuhn. We went to dinner and he was just asking questions, really just getting to know me and he wrote about 20 or 30 things down. The next day he was like, “So I want a story about this” and I was talking about everything. About how much I hate dinosaurs. I hate dinosaurs. Talking about hair, and talking about what it’s like to get dressed for a red carpet, and all these things.

EMMA: I loved that.

GABBY: That shit is real okay. It’s stressful but it’s like no matter what you wear, even if you wear something cute somebody’s going to have something to say about it and you can’t help it. Turns out I had a book in me after all.

EMMA: Yeah. I feel like there’s five more probably. No seriously. It’s amazing. You started structuring it, which I love all the titles by the way I was laughing out loud; and I have to say that I loved when I texted you telling you I wanted to talk to you about the book you asked if I got to the part about me. When you said it was in the obituary section I was slightly panicked.

KARAH: She texted me.

GABBY: Like here are the list of celebrities I want dead, starting with …

EMMA: I was just like “What?” I was getting hives. I texted her because she [pointing to Karah] had the copies.

KARAH: I texted her, I was like, “You won’t fucking believe what she wrote.” Then I scanned it to send to her because it was just the most … I think for a number of reasons was the most ideal thing that someone could write about Emma.

GABBY: Especially right now.

EMMA: It was weird. You’re a witch literally.

GABBY: Did you get to the chapter where my friend is like, “I think you’re a psychic but also I think you’re a little bit psycho”?

EMMA: Yeah. I circled that because everyone says that about me too. I feel like the way that you talk about how it is to be in the public eye, and the good part about it and then the bad part about it, I feel like you wrote about it with so much humor but also so much realness. That is what it’s really like. It is totally amazing sometimes and then other times you just want to hide in the house and never go anywhere because you don’t want anyone to comment.

GABBY: In the same hour.

EMMA: Literally.


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