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Belletrist Partner with New Balance + Other Additions

See captures and video below of Emma discussing her passion project Belletrist in partnership with New Balance. Emma was seen out shopping in West Hollywood on Tuesday (January 30) and then the next day (January 31) getting gas before a night out with friends. See HQ photos below! Updated new social media photos and videos, including Emma sharing her attending Super Bowl weekend trip with Lea Michele, Evan Peters and others.

It’s no secret Emma Roberts knows a thing or two about storytelling, but this year, the actress is taking on a different role — in the form of curating incredible stories. In her newest endeavor with friend Karah Preiss, the 26-year-old hopes to share her lifelong passion for reading through Belletrist, an interactive, online space spotlighting fresh new reads and independent bookstores around the country. Together with New Balance, we sat down with Roberts to chat about following her spark to create a unique space for book-lovers around the globe to connect and share stories. Press play above to watch her newest chapter unfold. Source:

Posted on: February 3, 2018
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