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New Theme & Candids

Here is the new theme for the site! Still the same setup just different colors; the classic black, white and grey with a pop of color! What do you think, comment below your thoughts (Still working behind the scenes on minor things). I know there is a new photoshoot right around the corner so whenever it releases, I’m sure going to want to change again 😉 The photo gallery and video vault have new looks as well, if haven’t noticed!

Emma was spotted yesterday (June 16) with a friend out and about in Los Angeles, CA. Check out HQ photos below! I will update social media photos/videos tomorrow! She is currently live tweeting along with Ryan Murphy, Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters during an episode of Pose on FX. She will be a part of Season 8 of American Horror Story in some way, still no specific details! Will post more once official news is released!

Posted on: June 17, 2018
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