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Here is the new theme, if not able to see for some reason please try refreshing page! Of course had to do something with the awesome Cosmopolitan shoot even though now she is not a brunette anymore! Tell me your thought in the comment section, if see anything needs fixing though still working behind the scenes on some parts. I have went through the Elite affiliate section and removed sites that were not updated within the past month or if was not linked back, if I removed by mistake than contact me via here or e-mail. Also looking for high quality fansites to be Elites with so if you want to apply can do so here! I have updated gallery and video vault the past few days behind the scenes with new stuff, including new outtake from the Cosmo magazine shoot! Emma’s been busy filming Holidate in Atlanta, GA; you can see photos/videos via social media on set at links below! I plan to do new layouts for photo and video site this upcoming weekend!

Posted on: May 27, 2019
Filed Under: media, photos, photoshoots, site and social media

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