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Kate Spade Fashion Show – Sept. 7

Emma attended Kate Spade’s fashion show today (September 7) in NYC. See HQ photos at link below! Also Instagram shares from event below! Added one video of her seen at show at various times, see link below. Emma talked with at the event about filming AHS: 1984 and of course fashion…

“This is it,” said Roberts, when asked which shows she would be attending during fashion week. “I’m in the middle of filming, ‘American Horror Story,’ season 9, so I just jumped over for Kate Spade and headed back [to Los Angeles] to continue work.” She said she’s shooting night hours, “so I’m living vampire hours, 6 p.m to 6 a.m.”

Roberts said she’s shooting the show for a couple of more months. “It’s a lot of fun this season. It’s a lot of running through the woods at night. It gets a little creepy the set this year. It’s 1984 and it takes place at a summer camp,” she said.

Was she ever a camper?

“Yes, I was a huge summer camp girl,” she said. She attended a sleep-away camp called Camp Birchwood in Minnesota for six years. “It was the time of my life. Growing up in L.A. it was nice to go somewhere on a lake. And I learned how to sail boats and do archery, and do all the things that kids growing up in L.A. don’t get to do,” she said.

Roberts said she’s loved fashion since she was a kid, especially reading the magazines and seeing what everyone was wearing. “If you have an outfit that makes you feel good, it can totally change your day,” she said. She said she chose the black-and-white printed dress and coat she was wearing, and she and her stylist picked out the knee socks. “I’m very into knee socks this fall, ” said the actress. When she’s not working, Roberts enjoys shopping. “I love vintage shopping, and that’s my favorite, finding a great vintage store. I love Reformation, and my favorite store in L.A. is probably Madison,” she said.

Posted on: September 7, 2019
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