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Brit Elkin’s Wedding Photos & Social Media – Christmas Shares just did a feature on Brit Elkin Hine’s wedding photos the event held on October 12, 2019; Emma was a bridesmaid for the special occassion. See HQ photos at link below; check out some quotes about photos below and see full feature at link! Updated social media shares, most from Christmas holiday yesterday, see links below!

Tables turned…client dressing her stylist…Kara is here too, fixing my veil. These two have been by my side for years, and they made sure everything was perfect before I walked down the aisle. I love how happy Emma looks here…she kept hugging me telling me just how happy she was for me and Billy.

Emma and I have taken hundreds of photos together over the years, but this one might be my favorite…pure bliss.

I love the way the sunlight hit our dresses…the lace on Emma’s Brock dress and the outline of the feathers on my dress look so cool. Emma is leading the way to get us champagne.

Sandwiched between two of my favorite people, Emma and Kara. Kara designed her dress and had it made with our amazing L.A. seamstress.

Emma was so nervous to give her speech. I told her she didn’t have to but she was adamant on giving one! She spoke from the heart and had the sweetest speech.

The end to a magical night! Emma insisted I do photos on the stairs, and now I’m glad she did!

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Posted on: December 26, 2019
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