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Stops By a Gas Station – Aug. 18 & New Boss Alive Photo

Emma seen yesterday (August 18) stopping by a local gas station in Los Feliz, CA. See HQ photos at link below! Added a new Boss Alive photo, see link below! Below is a translated, German to English, interview with Elle she did recently to promote the perfume…

Whether the TV cult series “American Horror Story” or the romantic comedy “A Recipe for Love”: Emma Roberts is now a firmly established big screen. Now you can see her in a new role, as an ambassador for the new Boss fragrance “Alive”. The message behind the perfume and the new campaign: Be yourself. In an interview, she told us how the actress succeeds in doing this even in difficult times and which care product surely surprises us the most …

ELLE: Emma, ​​you are always surrounded by wonderful, strong women. Who is your biggest inspiration?

Emma Roberts: Yes, that’s right and that makes me very happy! I’ve been surrounded by amazing women since I was a child: my mother was a single parent for most of my life, so my aunts were very involved and dedicated in my upbringing. I remember there were many great conversations in our house and I was always involved. Even when I was very young. My sister is ten years younger than me and I’ve tried to make her feel the same – that she always belongs.

In the last few years you have changed from a child star to a top-class actress. What advice would you give to the former you?

Emma Roberts: It may sound like a cliché, but, “Don’t listen to what other people say.” I know this advice is the hardest to follow, regardless of age. It happens so quickly that you allow yourself to be influenced or unsettled if you have a different opinion. Nevertheless, you should try to always pay attention to your needs and stay true to yourself.

You are the face of the new Boss fragrance “Alive”. What particularly attracted you to the campaign?

Emma Roberts: I’ve been in love with the brand since I was at the Hugo Boss fashion show in New York. When I heard that I was going to be the face of Boss’s “Alive” fragrance, I was blown away! Joining the Boss family is like a dream come true for me! The campaign wants to convey: be who you really are. I find that incredibly inspiring.

Fragrances are considered to open emotions. What was your first scent and what does it remind you of if you happen to smell it today?

Emma Roberts: Fragrances really do conjure up memories! Just a hint of a certain smell beams me back to high school or to an experience with my best friend. For example, the delicious smell of chocolate chip cookies reminds me of my home because my mom baked these cookies several times a week.
What other smell makes you feel strong?

Emma Roberts: I love the smell of a Christmas tree and other smells that I associate with holidays.

And how do you decide which fragrance you want to wear today?

Emma Roberts: Right now, during this interview, I’m wearing “Alive” by Boss. Actually, I have a different scent for each character I play in order to empathize with the character more. But since this new campaign, I actually wear the perfume every day. I also think the bottle is so beautiful ( laughs ).

How do you boost your self-confidence when things have to be done quickly?

Emma Roberts: I have a group chat with my three best friends where we talk about everything. We make each other laugh. And we support each other. If I ever feel insecure, I will write to this group and my friends will reply immediately. They are also very different, so I get three different opinions: a very humorous, a very emotional and a very direct one.

Which product in your bathroom cabinet would baffle us the most?

Emma Roberts: Definitely the number – there are really a lot of care products! I love to try new things. I also have Gua Sha stones in all different shapes and materials. I’m really obsessed with them (laughs). My latest obsession: Georgia Louise’s “Freezer Balls” . You put them in the refrigerator and then on your eyes. This will reduce swelling. They look really funny – and they actually work!


Posted on: August 19, 2020
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