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Stops By Gas Station – Aug. 25 & Other Photo Additions

Emma seen fueling up at a gas station today (August 25) in Los Feliz, CA. See HQ photos below. I have added two LQ behind the scenes of the Boss Alive campaign, see link below. Also below is a translated interview for the perfume via This time last year she was filming AHS: 1984, below is a new on set photo!

Emma Roberts has become the face of the new perfume from the workshop of Hugo Boss, which bears the uplifting name Alive. Alongside Bruno Marquezine, Laura Harrier and Chloe Bennet, she celebrates elegance, freedom and femininity. We bring you answers of what attracted her to the scent and what is her favorite hit of the nineties.

Our picture editor Josefína Joštová talked to Emma Roberts.

Emma, ​​the scent is called BOSS Alive, how do you perceive this name? And why did you even decide to become the face of the campaign?
From the moment I learned the name of the scent, I knew I was going to do it. I love the message of the word – it is so joyful and uplifting. When I wake up and look at my bedside table, where I have one Alive scent, it immediately improves my day. I just really like the word and the association evoked with it! In addition, the campaign itself interprets it beautifully, as do its other ambassadors Laura, Bruno and Chloe. Each part of the campaign shows different perspectives on what the word means to each of us. I think the photos show how happy the word Alive and the scent itself evokes in us.

What makes you, Emma, ​​feel alive?
Definitely thanks to travel. I don’t know a better feeling than walking through the city I’m in for the first time, discovering new places, trying out local specialties, gaining new experiences … I love discovering new places, especially when I’m traveling with my friends or family.

The BOSS Alive campaign focuses on the concept of femininity, what does femininity mean to you personally?
Among other things, I love this scent for being feminine, strong and expressive, but not overly sweet. You can smell the fine vanilla from the perfume, but it is grounded by the scent of wood. For me, femininity is balance, balance and the BOSS Alive perfume is definitely not missing.

When was the last time you felt like a strong girl- boss?
When I cleaned the whole apartment during the quarantine! But in the ” normal world ” I feel strong whenever I do something, when I decide to achieve something and go in the opposite direction. And, of course, I feel the strongest at the moment when I succeed. This is one of the best feelings in the world for me. I don’t like to just go through life .

What outfit do you reach for if you want to feel confident?
Of course, it depends on where I go and with whom, but the classic for me are black jeans, a black turtleneck and quality shoes. So I feel mature and stylish and comfortable at the same time.

In the ad you all sing the song What’s Up by Four Non-Blondes , do you like the song?
Yes! Thanks to the campaign, I fell for him again and it completely brought me back to my adolescence. Even after all these years, I remembered every word and now I listen to it every time I drive. Another of my favorite hits from the 1990s is Bitch by Meredith Brooks .


Posted on: August 25, 2020
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