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PG | 1h 39min | Comedy, Crime, Family | 15 June 2007 (USA)
With her magnifying glass and fingerprint powder in hand, Nancy Drew (Emma Roberts) leaves River Heights for La-La-Land. She’s out to solve one of the greatest mysteries ever: the death of movie star Dehlia Draycott. But the bigger mystery is how our perky, plaid-clad sleuth will fit in with the text-messaging teen queens of mean she meets at Hollywood High. Join Nancy as she finds danger, mystery, adventure, romance, the coolest fashion and the hottest L.A. scenes. Because wherever Nancy goes, excitement still follows!


Rated: PG
Genre(s): Mystery, Kids, Family
Emma as: Nancy Drew
Co-Starring: Josh Flitter as Corky – Max Thieriot as Ned – Tate Donovan as Carson Drew – Daniella Monet as Inga – Amy Bruckner as Bess – Kay Panabaker as George
Director: Andrew Fleming
Writer(s): Andrew Fleming, Tiffany Paulsen
Release Date: June 15, 2007 (US) – Other Countries
DVD Release: March 11, 2008 (US)
Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures
Production company(ies): Warner Bros. Pictures


One of the late Dehlia Draycott’s films was called The Haunted Bridge—a nod to the Nancy Drew book of the same name. A poster of this movie is visible in some attic scenes in the movie.

Before tackling the role of Nancy Drew, Emma Roberts had never read a Nancy Drew book.

Nancy Drew’s car in the movie is a 1950s blue Nash Metropolitan convertible.

Nancy Drew Director Andy Fleming is a fan of the classic Nancy Drew mysteries.

In the movie, Nancy Drew searches for a will. She also searched for a will in her first mystery book, The Secret of the Old Clock.

Originally, actress Amanda Bynes was considered for the role of Nancy Drew.

Just like the movie, Nancy Drew was only 16 when the series first debuted in 1930. It was not until the 1950s, that her age was changed to 18.

The old Dehlia Draycott mansion in the movie is reminiscent of the old spooky mansions in the Nancy Drew books: The Hidden Staircase and The Secret in the Old Attic.

The movie is not based upon an actual Nancy Drew book, however there are scenes from the movie that will remind Nancy Drew fans of various classic Nancy Drew book elements.

In the movie, Nancy Drew uses delicious lemon bars to wheedle clues out of people.

Thanks to Jenn Fisher from for the trivia above! Check out the site if your a Nancy Drew fan because there is alot of neat stuff there plus information on an upcoming Nancy Drew convention.


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