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TV-G | 24min | Comedy, Drama, Family | TV Series (2004–2007)
Addie Singer (Emma Roberts) is a middle schooler whose life is less than fabulous. In the privacy of her own room, she writes songs that reflect her thoughts and feelings about the ups and downs of being an almost-teenager. Things don’t always work out exactly as Addie plans, but no matter what happens, she tries to observe everything around her and answer the question, "How’d I get here?"


Genre(s): Comedy, Series
Emma as: Addie Singer
Co-Starring: Malese Jow as Geena Fabiano – Jordan Calloway as Zach Carter-Schwartz – Tadhg Kelly as Ben Singer
Director(s): Linda Mendoza, Joe Menendez, Bethany Rooney, Fred Savage
Writer(s): Eddie Guzelian, Laura McCreary, Matthew Nagrete, Chris Nee,Madellaine, Paxson Sue Rose
Release Date(s): September 12, 2004 (Season 1)(US) – September 10, 2005 (Season 2)(US) – August 10, 2007 (Season 3)(US) – Other Countries
Studio: Nickelodeon Network
Production company(ies): Nickelodeon Network, Nickelodeon Productions


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