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101 The Party aired 12 Sep 04
While trying to survive the first day of 7th grade with her friends, Addie tries to get noticed, other than being noticed from her hot brother. Turns out, Addie gets to throw a party when the previous party host gets a sprained ankle. It’s up to Addie to make things go her way. Or, not go her way; dunking her head in a punch bowl.
102 The Secret aired 19 Sep 04
Addie goes overboard when finally hearing the truth out of Zach and Geena. After they lied so many times to Addie, Addie gives some new rules that Zach and Geena aren’t too comfortable with. Meanwhile, Ben has his own problem, while trying to hide from working for his father, or working at the ‘Juice’ shop.
103 The Picture aired 26 Sep 04
Picture day is coming up and Addie is ready for it. It is mentioned that if you don’t get your picture taken, then you will have to prepare a haiku for the yearbook. Addie is then told by one of the popular kids that her hair is ‘flat.’ Addie notices this and tries to fix it, only to make it worse. She then must make the decision of being brave and taking the picture or sending in a haiku for the yearbook.
104 The Book Club aired 10 Oct 04
Addie is forced to join “mother daughter book club” when her mom wants to spend more time with her. Addie decides to sneak away to juice so she can go to the point, but finds out she needs her mom more than she thought. Meanwhile Ben is ready to take driving lessons.
105 The Pal aired 17 Oct 04
Addie is afraid that her and Jake Behari are just “pals” so she takes the advice of Glossy Teen Magazine to impress him but just makes things between her and Jake worse. In the end she decides that she’d “rather be friends with Jake Behari than a loser in six inch heels”
106 The Pink Guitar aired 24 Oct 04
Addie feels she is ignored and wants to become famous. In an effort to do so, she tries out for an all-girl band called CUTE. She makes it as a guitarist, but discovers the only real thing the band does is dance and pretend to sing and play and quickly quits.
107 The Rep aired 7 Nov 04
Addie and her classmates are assigned to hang out with a certain team for a school project. Addie is assigned to group ‘popular’ along with Maris. Turns out, that Addie becoming popular could ruin a friendship with Geena.
108 The 66th Day aired 2 Jan 05
It’s the 66th day that Addie has liked Jake; but it turns into chaos when her CD of 65 songs about Jake ends up in school. Now she’s on a frantic search throughout Rocky Road Middle School for the sacred disc, determined to find it before it falls into the wrong hands – she wouldn’t even want to think about what would happen.
109 The List of Kissed aired 9 Jan 05
Addie wants to get her name added to the list on the girls’ bathroom wall of those who have been kissed by a boy, so she schemes to make her friend Eli do the deed when they are at the movies.
110 The “B” Word aired 16 Jan 05
Addie can’t stand Geena’s new boyfriend but can’t say exactly why.
111 The Little Sister aired 30 Jan 05
In an attempt to escape from her older brother’s shadow, Addie sets out to accomplish something he never did, to get an article published in the school newspaper, but she succeeds in a different way than she expected.
112 The Partner aired 13 Feb 05
Addie tries to convince Zach to be her partner for the science fair.
113 The Bar Mitzvah aired 6 Mar 05
Addie gets braces, which means taunting by Cranberry and Maris. But when she’s invited to Randy Klein’s Bar Mitzvah, she feels insecure about it. With loads of convincing, she goes to the Bar Mitzvah.

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