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201 The Rhinoceros in the Middle of the Room aired 10 Sep 05
Though Addie has a crush on Randy Klein, she’s been avoiding him because she doesn’t know how he feels about her. To make matters worse, Aunt Bertha informs her that kissing with braces can be lethal. A family crisis forces Addie to face her fears and provides relief from her “metal mouth”.
202 The Balancing Act aired 18 Sep 05
Addie spends so much time with her boyfriend she begins to forget about her friends. Zack feels angered when he gets a new nickname. Will Addie get pushed away from her friends? Will she break up with Randy?
203 The Job aired 25 Sep 05
Addie determines to get a job in order to pay back money she has borrowed.
204 The Eye Randy aired 9 Oct 05
Addie lets her jealousy take head of her relationship with Randy, tracking down any girl who admires Randy personally. Addie’s home is getting an expansion.
205 The Road Trip aired 16 Oct 05
Addie fakes sick to get out of accompanying Mom and Dad to the Tri-State Sporting Goods Trade Show. Both she and Ben have big plans for their weekend of freedom.
206 The Charity Case aired 23 Oct 05
It’s Charity Week at Rocky Road Middle School and Addie and Geena are determined to beat Maris and Cranberry by raising the most money for Heifer House. Thinking outside the fund-raising box, they rent a cow for the week.
207 The Dark Side aired 29 Oct 05
Its Halloween! Maris and Cranberry throw their annual Halloween party. Addie and friends play a game of Spin the Bottle. After being sent into the closet with “Darth Vader” (who Addie thinks is Randy), Addie claims to have had her best kiss ever–but after leaving the closet, she discovers that there are (in total) 3 “Vaders”! Together, Geena and Addie must find out which one she kissed or Addie’s relationship is ruined!
208 The Information aired 6 Nov 05
Addie is surprised to learn the guys have been playing min-golf without inviting the girls.
209 The Grey Area aired 15 Jan 06
Addie has to choose between Geena and Maris when the two design new cheerleader uniforms but Addie doesn’t want to be accused of choosing Gina just because she’s her best friend.
210 The Perfect Couple aired 22 Jan 06
Addie has always thought of her relationship with Randy as perfect, but when he stands her up on a date, she breaks up with him in anger. Randy apologizes, but Geena thinks that Addie did the right thing by “kicking him to the curb”. Will Addie forgive Randy, or is the “perfect couple” really split for good?.
211 The Set Up aired 26 Jan 06
Despite having the best intentions, Geena and Zach fail miserably at helping Addie get over her breakup with Randy.
212 The Drama aired 29 Feb 06
Addie is chosen to direct the school play and Geena gets the lead in the play. Addie gets jealous because Geena gets to share the lead with Jake Bahari, and she starts trying to sabotage Geena but she ends up sabotaging the play.
213 The Last Day of 7th Grade aired 16 Apr 06
Grad Week, the last days of seventh grade, finds Addie avoiding marauding eight graders and her own feelings for Jake.
214 The Perfect Moment aired 07 Oct 06
In this one-hour special Addie is given the chance to tell Jake Bahari how she really feels about him when he is in Chinatown for a wedding.

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