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301 The Toot aired 23 Sept 07
Addie is excited to start the eighth grade with her new look and boyfriend, Jake, but a mishap during a book report threatens to undermine her newfound confidence.
302 The Song aired 30 Sept 07
Addie sends in an audition CD for a chance to sing a duet with teen idol Rob Hottie, but her winning entry is missing a label, leading her to suspect a jealous Jake of sabotage.
303 The New Best Friend aired 10 Oct 07
Addie’s new friend Jolene disrupts her perfect life, so she plots to get Jolene kicked out of school.
304 The Auction aired 16 Sept 07
Addie’s dream of having the perfect dance with Jake may fizzle when she floods the gym and the first dance of 8th grade is cancelled. To raise money to restore the floor and the dance, she holds the First-ever Rocky Road Middle School Bachelor Auction, but to her chagrin a newly made-over Mary Ferry bids on Jake to be her date.
305 Two-Timer aired 14 Oct 07
Addie’s confused when she’s accused of being somewhere she wasn’t by several people.
306 The L Bomb aired 4 Nov 07
Addie and Jake celebrate their six-month anniversary at the town carnival, where Addie thinks she hears Jake say “I love you”.
307 The Birthday aired 11 Nov 07
Addie’s 14th-birthday-party plans are thrown for a loop when she finds a mysterious letter she wrote at age 7.
308 The Guilt Trip aired 18 Nov 07
Maris forces Addie to help her win a beauty pageant after Addie is responsible for Maris’ injury on the balance beam.
309 The Quest aired 2 Dec 07
During career week, Addie is fired from her work assignment and worries that she won’t be able to hold a job when she grows up.
310 The Test aired 9 Dec 07
Addie’s dream of becoming a school reporter is ruined by Ben who shows up to sell smoothies, so Addie decides to do whatever it takes to get him off campus and out of her life once and for all.
311 The Talent Show aired 10 Aug 07
Addie wants Jake to help her win the school talent show, but Jake agrees to take part in an old friend’s (Miranda Cosgrove) magic act, upsetting Addie enough that she decides to crash the show.
312 The Best Trip Ever aired 16 Dec 07
In the one-hour prime time special, Addie takes the reins in planning her school’s big eighth grade trip with the hope that it will finally make her fabulous among the popular middle school clique. But her plan is complicated by a secret that threatens to ruin the trip and come between her and her two best friends.

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