Latest Images What is your favorite word to use at the moment?

Emma: My favorite word you said? Yea.

Emma: um (laugh) what do I say a lot um I say that’s amazing a lot, I say amazing  Why did you want to become an actress?

Emma:  Um well I just love movies, I love TV and stuff like that so I thought it would be fun to do that, ever since I was little I always wanted to be an actress so I though it would be a really cool experience and it has been so far. What type of cell phone do you use for the show because I see a lot of fans ask about it?

Emma: Motorola The first name that pop-ups in your head when I say best friend?

Emma: um well I have two really really close friends so probably them What are their names? If you can say them.

Emma: Skye and Christina What’s your favorite clothing store?

Emma: probably Kitson. The school you use to attend wasn’t it an all girl school?

Emma: Yea. How was that experience?

Emma: um that was fun actually, I didn’t really mind it too much, and I had uniforms which everybody thought that was bad, I thought they were good because you didn’t have to worry about what you were going to wear How long did you live in New York before you moved to California?

Emma: Um till I was two. What’s the last movie you just saw?

Emma: Just Like Heaven, I really liked it I thought it was good. Who celebrity wise that you have just met that you’ve been star struck by?

Emma: um like I haven’t really been star struck by anyone but I just met Hilary Duff a little while ago and she was really nice. What’s the last thing you just got for yourself?

Emma: Um the last thing I got for myself… a bag, purse. Last question is from a visitor of the site that wants to know if you prefer Addie with Jake or Randy?

Emma: um (laugh} I don’t know she um will probably have been with both of them by the end of the season so I don’t have to choose but the both really nice though. Um I was wondering if you could say a little message to the site.

Emma: Oh Okay. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone whose checking out the site and um It’s a really great site and I hope everyone likes it.

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