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Is there a certain strategy you use to study lines from a script?
Not really, I just kind of go over it a bunch of different times and try it different ways then it kind of just clicks into my head. So just keep going over it, its nothing to exciting.

Did you get to keep any of the clothes from filming movies like wild child?
Yea I got to keep a lot of the clothes from Wild Child, which was really awesome because they were really cute and I fell in love with them when I tried them on.

Can you give us more information about your characters in your movies Lymelife and Hotel for dogs?
In Hotel for Dogs I play a foster kid which was really different and interesting than anything I done, I actually met a foster kid so that was really cool.In Lymelife I play more of a provocative role like a normal girl trying to find herself but she tries to be sexy.

what’s your favorite movie that you have filmed so far?
Wild Child definitely, it was my favorite to shoot, when it was done I was really happy with it, I saw it a couple weeks ago in Europe and I just thought it was cute movie kids would like.

Have you remained friends with any of the actors and actresses you have worked with?
Definitely, your with them all day and everyday while shooting so its hard not be able to become friends, like Wild Child all of us became really close, I flew to London a couple weeks ago and saw them all and it was really good to see them again.

Do you speak any other languages? If yes, which? Or which would you like to speak?
I don’t speak any, I use to take Spanish but I stopped, If I could speak any it would be French because I think its a pretty language.

Which co-star of all the films you did have you been excited to work with?
Everyone I have worked with has been really cool, I mean it was really cool to get to work with Johnny Depp when I was really young, so that was probably one of my favorites.

What’s your favorite style for the everyday life?
Probably just jeans and a t-shirt, like right now I am about to go get breakfast with my friend in a lil bit and I’m just in jeans, flat shoes, and a vintage shirt.

what do you like to do with your friends when you have time to be with them?
I usually just like to hang out to catch up since usually out of town a lot, like go to dinner and go to the movies, just normal stuff like that.

If you could guest star on any TV show for its fall season this year, which show would that be?
Probably Lost, I love Lost so I would want to guest star on that.

A lot of girls are insecure about how they look. Does this apply to you and as a celeb how do u deal with it?
Um yeah, I think everyone feels insecure sometimes so the best way to get over it is to make yourself feel comfortable like dress comfortable and hang out with good friends who are going to encourage you and stuff like that.

Do you consider yourself to be liberal or conservative, also If you could vote in the fall, would you vote Republican or Democrat?
I am not really sure, I am not old enough to vote this year.

Do you like playing sports? If so what is your favorite?
Tennis my favorite and I like to swim.

what kind of music do you listen to and who would you list as some of your favorite artists?
I really like M.I.A, Jason Miraz, Aly & Aj, I just like all kinds of different music.

What are some of your favorite books?
I really like the Gossip Girl series, and my favorite book that I read recently is ‘Less Than Zero’

Do you plan on doing a horror or comedy movie next? Also, what do you look for in a script?
I’d like to do a horror movie really bad because I haven’t done something like that yet and then when I read scripts I usually look for characters I can relate to or would be fun to play.

What is the best movie you have seen so far this year?
Wanted, I love Wanted, I thought that was such a good movie.

Have you had any memorable experience with fans?
The press tour for Wild Child, we went to Scotland and Ireland and there was all these fans that came out, which was really cool to see everybody with the poster, they were all really sweet and cool.

We heard you took your S.A.Ts early this year, Do you know the results yet?
Yea I did, I did okay so I am taking classes and I’m retaking them in a couple months, so we’ll see how it goes.

Are you single or in a relationship?
I’m single.

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