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History of the Site: This site came about when a good friend and I (Kayla) were talking about doing a fan site together so we started thinking of who… We caught an episode of the Nickelodeon show “Unfabulous” and we realized we both liked the main character. After looking around the net we realized that there wasn’t really a main Emma Roberts site so that’s when we decided to create one on Emma. We opened in the beginning of October 2004 which was hosted on a GeoCities PageBuilder. Then I started learning more about html and by the end of November 2004 the site was transferred to a fansite host and also bought the domain name, Over the past few years I have transferred to many host and gotten more advanced in web skills. Emma herself took notice in the site and gave me a chance to interview her by phone back in 2004, READ HERE, and again in 2008 got another interview with her, READ HERE!

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Open in: October 2004 (officially on November 2, 2004)
Owner(s): Kayla

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