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Do you know Emma personally?
No, I do not know Emma personally.

Do you have Emma’s e-mail/home address/etc?
No I don’t have anything to get in touch with her.

Does Emma have a facebook/twitter/instagram/snapchat or any other personal blogs?
Emma has a Twitter (@robertsemma) and Instagram (@emmaroberts) accounts. She has mentioned she has a snapchat but wants to remain anonymous.

Can you get others a phone call with Emma?
No I can’t, mine was a wonderful opportunity.

Can you help me meet Emma?
No, I do not have that kind of connection to have you meet her in person or any other form.

Can you make me a layout?
No I can’t, sorry but with this site and other things going on in my life I do not have the time, there are many graphic sites out there though willing to design a layout or other graphics.

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