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New Theme / On set of Michael

As you can see there is a new theme here! If for some reason you can’t try refreshing page. After 9 years of designing myself I finally got a “writers block”! I like to give a big thanks to fellow web friend Stephen Lind for bringing the idea together! I did do the main graphics! Let me know what you think in the comments section!

In Emma news, she is one busy lady lately! She is currently filming AHS: Freak Show in New Orleans, LA and now Michael in Long Island, NY. Check out photos of Emma along with James Franco on set of Michael!

Candids >> 2014 >> filming ‘Michael’ in Long Island, NY (8/30)
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Misc. >> Random Twitter/Instagram Photos

Posted on: August 31, 2014
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3 Responses

c Says:

the sister of emma take his place in 3-4 years

z0 Says:

Good to see that Grace is keeping an eye on her.

Jean Says:

Fabulous new layout!

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