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Freak Show Episode 9 Still & New Hair Color?

Below you can check out a still from the next episode, Tupperware Party Massacre, of AHS: Freak Show! Also updated instagram photos, including one on set of freak show! Emma talks her hair color changes and possibly going red next, click ‘read more’ below…

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New hair color, same effortless vibe!

Emma Roberts has cracked the code when it comes to successfully rocking both light and dark hair hues, and it has nothing to do with the contents inside a bottle of dye.

“When I switch hair colors I have to change my whole makeup and wardrobe because it sometimes doesn’t work,” the Neutrogena spokesmodel, who’s currently sporting blonde locks, told Us Weekly on Nov. 17. “When I have blonde hair I can just do mascara, bronzer, and some concealer. When you have dark hair, I have to wear more makeup because I’m so pale.”

Roberts added a chestnut color to her short bob in June 2014, and during that time she allowed herself to have more fun in the beauty department. “When I have dark hair, I’d definitely do a red lip and keep a pale complexion, but when I’m blonde I always want to look more tan,” the American Horror Story actress, 23, told Us.

Roberts, who is engaged to her AHS costar Evan Peters since January 2014, shared some of favorite Neutrogena products to get a luminous glow. “I love the Healthy Skin Blonde Bronzer, which I use on my cheeks, neck, and chest,” she said.

“Since I’ve gone blonde, the Bright Berry Super Moisture Stick is so girly and feminine and looks great with the blonde hair.”

As far as in future hair changes, Roberts tells Us there is one color she’s dying to try. “You know what, I want to go red next year. There’s a role that I’m doing and I kind of want to go auburn,” she said. “We’ll see if that flies with everyone else.”


Posted on: December 6, 2014
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