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Emma on Anna Faris’ Podcast

Check out below Emma being interviewed on Anna Faris’ podcast, Unqualified, first part starts at the 11min, 5sec mark til 32min, 55sec mark then part two starts at 38min, 36sec mark til 1hr, 1min 50sec Mark (which this part Emma’s sister and her mom end up being called into interview). Warning for strong language used throughout interview…

Listen up queens, the talented Emma Roberts (AMERICAN HORROR STORY, SCREAM QUEENS) is on Unqualified this week! In this episode, Emma and Anna discuss their fears (11:30) and the most fun character Emma has played (14:30). Then, Emma answers some deal-breakers (19:00). Find out what one of Emma’s real deal-breakers is!

Later, Emma and Anna play the game “Not a Book or It is a Book” (41:00) and Emma saves the rest of the show (46:00)! How so? Tune in and find out!

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Posted on: September 5, 2017
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