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Uber Rewards Launch Party & AHS: Apocalypse Finale Captures

Emma attended an Uber rewards launch party in New York, NY last night (November 14). Added some HQs from event and candids of her leaving hotel, see link below. Coincidentally and spoiler alert Emma played an Uber driver in the fianle of last nights episode, entitled Apocalypse Then, of AHS: Apocalypse; see captures below! Below are online interviews from the Uber event…

Last night, Emma Roberts ended her run on American Horror Story: Apocalypse, the most recent season of Ryan Murphy’s FX anthology series that revealed just how it came to be that the deep-seated feud between the witches of Miss Robichaux’s Academy and the Antichrist lead to, well, the destruction of the world. We won’t reveal any spoilers, but suffice it to say that Roberts, as the high-attitude, high-fashion Madison Montgomery, had a rather mind-blowing showdown with the Son of Satan. Elsewhere in the episode, Roberts also had a memorable scene where she posed as an Uber driver (all in the name of saving the world, mind you), a vocation she may know something about considering she’s a brand ambassador for the ride-sharing company, which she helped fete last night at an event for Uber Rewards.

Perched in a sparkling chartreuse minidress at New York City’s Milk Studios, Roberts was hot off a plane from Spain and understandably jet-lagged, but she perked right up when AD grabbed a few moments to talk books—and we don’t mean the spell-casting variety. Roberts, an avid reader when she’s not shooting TV series and Hollywood blockbusters, cofounded the book club Belletrist with her friend Karah Preiss, and each month the duo selects a new book for club members to read. Anyone can sign up for the book club on the group website and follow the club on Instagram. Belletrist just announced its November read, which Roberts says delves into a hot topic for the current zeitgeist. Here, she chats about what’s on the Belletrist reading list, her love of dolls, and what makes the perfect book nook.

Belletrist just announced its November book. Tell us about it.
Our November pick is Bringing Down the Colonel by Patricia Miller. It’s a story from the 1800s, but it’s very timely right now. I’ll leave it at that. It’s based on a true story.

What else are you reading right now?
A book I just finished that I loved is a memoir called Educated by Tara Westover. It was a really eye-opening, incredible read. I completely lost myself in it and was canceling plans to go home and read it. It was so, so, so unique.

Do you write in your books?
Yeah, always. I won’t let people borrow my books because I cherish them so much and underline everything, so if someone asks to borrow a book, I’ll usually buy a new copy and pretend like I’m letting them borrow my book. Because otherwise, they ask, “Why?” and then you seem weird. So I just am like here it is! And it’s a new one.

Where do you like to read when you find the time?
I actually just designed my book nook and Belletrist office. It has pink-rose wallpaper, and I organized the books on the shelves by color, which I know a lot of people look down upon, but it looks really nice. It’s all about having a comfy chair or nook. To me, I love velvet fabric, and I got cute vintage pillows on Etsy that I really like.

Is there anything besides books in your book nook/office?
I like my office and reading nook to have a lot of quirky things. I have my doll collection there, which people find really scary.

Like the dolls in American Horror Story: Coven?
No. [Laughs.] They look like Blythe Dolls. Oh, my God, I’m obsessed with them! They’re cute. My dolls and my books—those are my prized possessions.

Do you keep any art in your book nook?
I do. I have this amazing black cat statue that’s in the wall, so that looks over my office. I also have a sketch from [pop surrealist] Mark Ryden. And I got some cool little curiosities from Mab Graves. I’m obsessed with her—and Jessica Adams. She does these really cool—how would you describe them?—colorful, sad girls.

Were you inspired by any themes to create your book nook?
My reading nook is very millennial–Jane Austen. [Laughs.] And cozy. I’m all about being cozy when I’m reading. So I have a place to put my coffee, my glasses, my pen, my notebook…and I’m usually in pajamas.


Last night, in New York City, at the exact moment that the American Horror Story: Apocalypse finale aired on televisions across the country, Emma Roberts attended a party—specifically, a launch event for Uber to introduce its new Uber Rewards program. And while it might seem a bit strange that an actress on one of TV’s most talked-about shows would be out on the town on the evening her finale airs, it’s actually kind of serendipitous: Roberts’s character Madison Montgomery is last seen—spoiler alert!—playing an Uber driver right before the credits roll. It’s so serendipitous, in fact, that you’d be forgiven for assuming that witchcraft itself might be involved. Here, Roberts breaks down the finale, and talks about what’s next for the AHS universe.

This season of American Horror Story has been one curveball after another. What was it like filming?
This season definitely took us all for a ride. I would anxiously await getting the scripts because I really didn’t know where this season was going to go. You’ll see on the finale, I was like, “You want me to do what?!” It’s a crazy ending to a crazy season.

And Ryan Murphy brought the witches back this season!
This season, Ryan just called me and said, “We’re bringing back the witches.” And I hadn’t even read the first few scripts, but I just came into it ready to witch it up.

What was it like to reprise the role of Madison Montgomery? In a way, since Coven, she’s become both a meme and even somewhat of a gay icon.
I love her. I really had the best time getting to play her. I was so grateful when I got that role because it really came out of nowhere. I was walking around my house one day, and Ryan Murphy called me to tell me about the part, and I was screaming. I’m obsessed with witches. Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Witches of Eastwick, Hocus Pocus—all of those had an impression on my childhood, and I’ve always been itching to play a witch. Since Coven, I’ve wanted to bring Madison back. She has been back from the dead many times at this point, and I thought that we should bring her back one more time.

Are you similar to Madison at all?
I think we have the same taste in clothing. The similarity ends there, I hope. Madison and I have same taste in black Prada boots. Other than that, I hope we’re different.

What kind of American Horror Story role would you like to play next?
Oh, my God, so many. I really want to do a Western. I’d love to do a Western. I love the world of Westworld and Hostiles. I think those are really interesting worlds, and I’d love to immerse myself in that type of world. And I love to ride horses, so I think it would be fun to do that in a movie. And I also want to do a period piece. The world we live in is so overrun with technology right now that it would be fun to do a period piece that has no phones or computers—and you get to wear amazing clothes.

We’re here for Uber tonight. Are you an Uber user?
Of course I am! I Uber way too often. I can’t deal with the traffic in L.A. [when I’m] driving.

Do you not like to drive?
It’s not that I don’t like to drive, I’m just not great at driving. It stresses me out! I love to get work done while I’m Ubering. I’ll wake up in the morning, enjoy my coffee in the back of the Uber, catch up on all my e-mails, and maybe read a chapter in a book. I’ll set up my laptop, have headphones on, and take phone calls. Like, the driver sometimes has to be like, “Umm, excuse me, miss, we’ve arrived.” But I’m so excited Uber is launching rewards, because I’m obsessed with things like airline rewards. So to get rewards for something I already use is exciting. I actually want to be an Uber driver for a day—drive around and see what happens and record it. It’s funny that I’m at an Uber event tonight because Madison is an Uber driver in the finale tonight at one point. It’s a funny little clip at the end.

Have you ever done Uber Pool?
I haven’t. My friends say that I can’t! I feel like I should try it and video it.


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