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Fendi Baguette Video & Photo Additions

Below you can watch Emma along with Amanda Seyfried’s Fendi #baguettefriendsforever short film ad. I will add HD captures once a HD video is available. Added more HQ photos of the campaign to the photoshoot album, see link below! The campaign is featured in Madame Fiagro (Turkey) magazine, June issue, see low quality scans below. Updated her and Belletrist latest social media photo shares; see links below! Holidate should wrap up filming this week in Atlanta, GA; multiple sightings of filming going on through town this past month, can see one behind the scenes video here.

The quest for the iconic Fendi Baguette handbag continues, and this time real life friends Amanda Seyfried and Emma Roberts are the fashionistas searching for it.

In the latest #BaguetteFriendsForever clip, premiering digitally for the first time below, the actresses explore Fendi’s “Baguette Dream Room,” a mirrored installation filled with both vintage and new style Baguette bags. Essentially, it’s a fashion mecca.

“It was great to work together with Emma on this Fendi project because she’s herself, easy to connect with, madly funny, bold and no-nonsense,” Seyfried, 33, says of the Scream Queens star. “I love working with women I respect and connect to. It feels powerful and fun.”

She adds, “For me Fendi means exquisite, tailored and it represents the Italian craftsmanship. The Baguette bag is soft and can play as both casual and cocktail. It’s a perfect bag for everyone because it comes in all kinds of sizes, colors and materials.”

Designed by Silvia Venturini Fendi in 1997, the short-strapped purse was meant to sit under the arm (much like how the French would carry their long baguettes). It quickly became a fashion staple, thanks to a major endorsement from Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw.

“The Baguette bag can go with anything like a simple Jeans and t-shirt, or a dress,” Roberts says. “I love to mix my Baguette bag with a vintage slip-dress or denim. I like the contrast of mixing a high-end piece with something vintage.”

In February, Seyfried and Roberts celebrated friendship and fabulous handbags at Fendi’s best friends-themed party during New York Fashion Week.

“Well I think the bag is so chic and timeless it kind of works in any color,” Roberts told PEOPLE exclusively. “I have one that’s big and black that I love. And I have this mini red one so I’m very pleased with the Baguette situation.”


Posted on: June 21, 2019
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